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Personalise Your Purple

You can personalise your new purple gear with your name, nickname or group name.

All you need to do is tell us what you would like us to print in the comments box before you complete your order and carefully choose from the positioning options (refer to image).  If ordering multiple items please confirm which item requires personalisation.  If your instructions are not clear we will contact you to confirm printing requirements which may cause a delay in shipping.

Our supplier will print exactly what you request so please check carefully and use capitals as you want to see them. We cannot rectify mistakes that are not the suppliers error.

NEW white print option available – Deaf Runner/Partially Deaf Runner – Blind Runner/Partially Blind Runner


*** 2020 NWR Lockdown Medal ***

New club item!

Have you achieved something during lockdown that you would like to reward yourself for with a gorgeous bit of bling?

Perhaps you’ve made it out of the house to exercise once a week, successfully pimped up your garden or managed to actually get some home-schooling into your little cherubs?

Maybe your achievement is a distance running goal you wanted to meet, you finally got out on a bike or the number of Joe Wicks workouts completed?

Whatever your reasons, and please do let us know what they are, this gorgeous momento commemorates the difficult and unprecedented challenges we are facing and have conquered during Lockdown in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Well done you!


Reversible ribbon.

Only £5 including p&p (or collection from Ruddington can be arranged).

Please be mindful that these will require sorting/labelling/posting so please be patient.