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Our Committee 2019/20

Chair ( Charlotte Rowatt
Club Secretary ( Helen Swiffin
Membership Secretary ( Karen Holmes
Treasurer ( Melissa Shaw 
Welfare Officer ( Liz Spinks
Merchandising Officer ( Laura Ratcliffe/Sara Mawson-Sinclair
Coaching Co-Ordinator ( Lyndsey Johnson
Fixtures & Events Officer ( Jane Harston
Communications (Press, PR & Website) Officer ( Heather Richards/Katy Aggus
Communications Officer (Social Media) Officer ( Liana Rodriguez
Run Leader Co-ordinator ( Eve Savage

Minutes of all committee meetings will be uploaded as soon as practical afterwards so you know exactly what’s being discussed.

General queries that don’t seem to fall into any of the above categories should be emailed to

Please do use the above email addresses to contact committee members as opposed to private messaging them – although each member has their own account, we do all have access to each other’s so if one person is away, someone else will be able to pick up your query in their absence.

Please do note that the lovely committee and admin team are all volunteers who work/have families/other hobbies so although we’ll come back to you with a timely response, it may not be immediately.

Any queries, do give us a shout – our doors are always open to suggestions/queries/concerns. The more we hear from you, the better we can make NWR for you.