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NWR Sub Groups

We have many sub groups running across Notts, here you can find the most recent list. You’ll love the group nicknames!!

Our sub groups are mixed ability and have been set up to give you some new running buddies. They tend to go out for between 5km to 10km, sometimes both by splitting the group.

Run Leaders will be present at the weekly club runs. Run Leaders will plan routes and distances for the weekly club run. Please remember that at club runs we all need to be looking out for each other, please make any new runners feel welcome and ensure that nobody is running alone even if that means looping back, waiting at set distances, or all slowing to the speed of the last runner. This is a really important rule and part of what makes NWR inclusive.

If you’re new, please check the Facebook group first to ensure that the group is running as planned as beginner sessions or adverse weather can sometimes impact the regular runs. By joining the sub group Facebook page, you will then be able to join Spond, which is the app we use to register for our weekly club runs. 


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It’s parkrun day !

Sign up for FREE and find out where your nearest parkrun is. If you need a parkrun buddy, post on our Facebook page and there’s sure to be someone else running at your chosen location………