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Social Running Groups 

We have many social groups running across Notts, here you can find the most recent list. You’ll love the group nicknames!!

Our social groups are mixed ability and have been set up to give you some new running buddies. They tend to go out for between 5km to 10km, sometimes both by splitting the group.

Our Run Leaders do not need to be present at social runs and if attending, are just there to run and not be a Run Leader. Whilst they may plan routes and distances for a social run, any member of the group can do  this and it isn’t the Run Leaders responsibility, it’s often nice to run someone else’s route. Please remember that at social runs we all need to be looking out for each other, please make any new runners feel welcome and ensure that nobody is running alone even if that means looping back, waiting at set distances, or all slowing to the speed of the last runner. This is a really important rule and part of what makes NWR inclusive.

If you’re new, please check the Facebook group first to ensure that the group is running as planned as beginner sessions or adverse weather can sometimes impact the regular runs.

Group Name Location Facebook Group Link
NWR Arnold (Arnold Arrows) Sainsbury’s, Sir John Robinson Way, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 6BNNWR Arnold - Facebook
NWR Basford (Basford Babes) Sainsbury’s on Perry Road, Basford, Nottm, NG5 1HHNWR Basford - Facebook
NWR Bingham (Bingham Braves) Newgate Street car park, Bingham, NG13 8FDNWR Bingham - Facebook
NWR Beeston (Beeston Blazers) Tesco Extra, 1 Station Road, Beeston, Nottm, NG9 2WJNWR Beeston - Facebook
NWR Bulwell (Bulwell Boghoppers) Morrissons, Springfield Retail Park, Leen Dr, Nottingham NG6 8EP ( by the cash points) NWR Bulwell - Facebook
NWR Calverton (Calverton Chasers) Calverton Library, St.Wilfrid’s Square, Calverton, Nottm, NG14 6FPNWR Calverton - Facebook
NWR Hucknall (Hucknall Hotties) Argos, Ashgate Retail Park, Hucknall Road NG15 7URNWR Hucknall - Facebook
NWR Mansfield
(Mansfield Maidens)
Manor Sports Complex, Ley Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse, NG19 8NWR Mansfield Maidens - Facebook
NWR Ruddington (Ruddy Rebels)the bus stop, (nr the entrance to Rushcliffe Country Park), Mere Way, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6NZNWR Ruddington - Facebook
NWR Stapleford (Stapleford Sirens) Victoria Street Car Park, Stapleford, NG9 7APNWR Stapleford - Facebook
NWR Top Valley (Trotters)Tesco Extra Top Valley, Top Valley Drive, Nottm, NG5 9DDNWR Top Valley - Facebook
NWR West Bridgford (West Bridgford Warriors)Alford Road Playing Fields, the bus stop by the car park , Alford Road, West Bridgford, Nottm, NG12 NWR West Bridgford - Facebook


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